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Traveling makes me feel so alive and I love to experience new cultures and connect with new people along the way. I first travelled around the world aged 19, with only a backpack and not much money and have never stopped since.

I love taking people with me on my adventures and organize relaxing YOGA RETREATS with a little adventure thrown in, or full blown ADVENTURE TRIPS with a little Yoga and Meditation. The past few years have taken me to BALI, INDIA & NEPAL and led to partnering with Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures due to an emphasis on combining trips with sustainable practices and Humanitarian work.

Contact me to find out more about taking a life changing journey with Adventure, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching and an opportunity to Volunteer. You will not return home the same!



Annapurna Base camp, Everest Base Camp, Nepal Cultural adventure trips.

If you have ever heard of “ Healing Hands,” it is referring to Reiki, a Japanese method of healing where energy is channeled through the hands into the person for healing. I began my journey as an energy healer when I discovered Reiki five years ago and to me it is pretty special.

Training under renown Reiki Master Pamir Kichiman in South Florida, I learned the traditional Japanese method of Usui Sensai and studied through to the level of Reiki Master. I now work regularly with clients on both emotional and physical issues that present in their lives, and all report measurable differences in their well being.

For me, Reiki is a daily practice, and is magical and mysterious in its capacity to heal. Hospitals in NYC and all over the country are now recognizing Reiki as a valid method of treating patients and science backs it up. It is deeply relaxing, deeply healing and will leave you with a sense of well-being at the deepest cellular level. It is amazing for healing the heart.


England & Scotland

Adventure, Lakes and castles.

Join me in my favorite place in the world, UNESCO Heritage site The Lake District in England and then journey through the Highlands of Scotland for a 2 week immersion into life across the pond. Hike rolling hills, experience the idyllic Lakes, farms and have some adventure in a Slate Mine before settling down in a cozy pub for dinner.

Scotland brings castles, the Loch Ness monster and deserted beaches to soothe the soul. All with Yoga and Meditation included.



Blessings, beaches and jungles.

Bali is the most magical destination if you are looking for a place to reconnect with yourself, nature and maybe your partner.

Trips can be tailored to your needs and can include beautiful beaches, jungles, temples, and volcano treks. Practice yoga and receive blessings. Bali and her incredible culture and people is a once in a lifetime experience.



Join a Yoga Retreat, Stay at an Ashram or Volunteer at a school.

If you have ever dreamed of taking a spiritual trip to India, the birthplace of Yoga, it will change the way you look at life forever. The energy of India has to be experienced.
Choose to join me on a YOGA RETREAT or truly make a difference and Volunteer at a school in Northern India.


class or workshop