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My crystal sound healing videos are on YouTube!


yoga & meditation

Yoga & meditation to me, are incredible life tools that help me slow down, find some peace in a hectic world and basically handle life with greater ease.

My yoga style is 50% Deepak, 50% Tupac depending on the vibe & depending on the tribe. I teach locally when possible and Internationally each year at a yoga festival in the UK & in the Himalayas each fall. I create a safe space where everyone is welcome. It’s not about being flexible, it’s not about tight pants, it’s about showing up for yourself.

I am passionate about teaching and my Philosophy is simply “f**k it just breathe”… When you can, wherever you can. It really is a journey within.
Contact me if you need a teacher for your event, your festival or if interested in private instruction.


reiki & energy healer

If you have ever heard of “ Healing Hands,” it is referring to Reiki, a Japanese method of healing where energy is channeled through the hands into the person for healing. I began my journey as an energy healer when I discovered Reiki five years ago and to me it is pretty special.

Training under renown Reiki Master Pamir Kichiman in South Florida, I learned the traditional Japanese method of Usui Sensai and studied through to the level of Reiki Master. I now work regularly with clients on both emotional and physical issues that present in their lives, and all report measurable differences in their well being.

For me, Reiki is a daily practice, and is magical and mysterious in its capacity to heal. Hospitals in NYC and all over the country are now recognizing Reiki as a valid method of treating patients and science backs it up. It is deeply relaxing, deeply healing and will leave you with a sense of well-being at the deepest cellular level. It is amazing for healing the heart.


sound healing

If you have never been to a sound healing or “ sound bath” then you need to! It involves laying on the floor and listening to bowls and other sounds that invoke a deep sense of peace and healing at the cellular level in your body.

Discovering the transformational power of Tibetan bowls while in Nepal, I now have a collection of nine Quartz crystal bowls and hold regular sound healing sessions for large groups and individuals alike. The effect that the bowls have on the body is transformative, rebalancing and healing.

The frequencies allow the brain to relax deep into a deeply relaxed state… once you try it, you’ll be hooked!


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